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I. Orcs!Fest - 8/27 [21+, sorry younger orcs :(]

First, our official first birthday party—Orcs!Fest!—will be held on Monday, August 27, 6pm at Bit House Saloon. We're planning this as a mega-Orcs event, with more tables than ever, our DMs running their "best of" adventures, an awesome meal, and some top-secret surprises.  Come prepared to party because we're hoping that this one gets epic in every way.

II. RCCC - 9/8

For the second installment of our trilogy, we're going to have a rare daylight panel event on Saturday, September 8 at Portland’s own Rose City Comic Con! As you know, Orcs generally are nocturnal creatures, but we're flattered beyond words that RCCC has chosen us to represent Portland's vibrant D&D community, and we're planning on injecting our Orcish energy into this amazing event. When you come to this panel, there WILL be a bunch of DMs staring back at you. You have been warned.


We’ve got something to ask of you: we would love for Orcs to show up with some tribal support at our first-ever convention experience! Our panel is called "Polyhedrons to the People," and we'll be dispensing DMing tips, sharing backstage secrets, and answering questions. Details:


Saturday, September 8

Portland Convention Center

3pm, Room 6


III. Level Eater - 9/8

Finally, we're going to close out the trilogy later THE SAME evening when we combine forces with Chicago-based Level Eater and Portland's own Chris Funk of The Decemberists for a celebrity-filled night of gaming for charity. More than a dozen tables of adventurers will face a shared set of challenges and, at the stroke of midnight, we'll find out if the room has completed enough quests to defeat the evil that threatens the city of Greenmoss!

jpeg ORCS MUG FINAL copy.jpg

To all who have crossed our Orcish path:


About a year ago, we had a crazy idea: what would happen if we threw a D&D event that combined our desires to get drunk, roll dice, and have fun? Well, we couldn't be happier with the response we've gotten and our growing community of players, DMs, and friends.

you're invited.png

Tavern Master Anthony Cafiero will be cooking up a storm, your favorite Orcs DMs will be running (and playing at) tables, and two lucky tables will be DM'd by streaming superstars Satine Phoenix (Geek & Sundry) and Chris Perkins (Acquisitions Incorporated and one of the key designers of D&D 5th Edition). They may not be Orcs (yet...), but we're proud to be working with these D&D pros on this event—especially because proceeds will be donated to two remarkable charities: MyMusicRx and the Children's Cancer Association.


So, please come help us show these out-of-towners how we roll in Portland. Down some drinks, roll some dice, rub elbows with celebrities, support two great charities, and, of course, party with us as we beckon in the second year of Orcs! Orcs! Orcs!

Thanks again for all of your support and camaraderie. Stay tuned for plenty of exciting news about our plans for Year Two, and we really hope to see you on one or more stops of the Tenday Trilogy! We promise that we're going to rock it, Orcs-style.



The Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! crew

So, THANK YOU! You're the reason why we've had such an amazing first year. Because of you, we have thrown seventeen hilarious D&D parties, published two adventures, and partnered with more than a dozen bars and sponsors, including Rev. Nat's Cider, New Holland Brewing and Wizards of the Coast! It has been rewarding beyond our imagination to see so many people bond over our D&D tables, and to have been part of so many memorable meals and adventures. Only in Portland!


So, with our first birthday approaching, we figured that we had to celebrate like any fantastical group should: with a trilogy! We hope that you can join us for one or more of the upcoming Orcs! Birthday Trilogy events:

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