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Orcs! Orcs! Orcs!

Frequently Asked Questions


D&D stuff


Do I need experience playing Dungeons & Dragons to have fun at Orcs!?

No. We started Orcs! with beginners in mind, and our Dungeon Masters and experienced players are ready to help you along. Yes, there are a lot of rules in D&D, but the good news is that you don’t need to know them to play the game—just act the role of your character, roll some dice, and the DM will take care of the rest. D&D is a very friendly community, and Orcs! is the friendliest of the friendly.


Do I need to bring my own character, or will you have a character for me?

Orcs! is an ongoing campaign in which all characters start at level 1 and advance through the levels as they adventure. At your first Orcs!, you can either choose from among the many pre-generated characters we’ll have printed out, or you may bring your own character using the following character creation guidelines:


  • Level 1

  • Standard array ability scores (before racial modifiers): 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

  • Use any rules published in print by Wizards of the Coast (e.g. including Xanathar's Guide to Everything), but NO homebrew or playtest material (e.g. no Unearthed Arcana). If you're using WotC rules outside of the Player's Handbook, please bring hard-copy documentation for your DM to refer to. We don't always have all our books at all the venues. They get sticky.


Your first session will advance your character to level 2 (...if it survives). At this point, you are free to redesign your character or even start a new L2 character. After L2, you can’t make further changes to your character, though you’re always free to bring a new L1. Your character will continue to advance, gaining abilities and magical items to aid them in their adventures.


Dice? Minis?

We’ll have these for you, but feel free to bring your own.


What kind of game should I expect?

All of our adventures are homebrewed or DM’s Guild community-generated content. We play real D&D with all the rule mechanics (and all the elves), but with a focus on fun experiences for the players, with plenty of humor and roleplaying. Most of our maps are beautifully printed, and we make use of props and terrain. There’s a lot of good food and a LOT of good drink. Each month focuses on a new theme: recent months have featured creepy Halloween adventures, expeditions into the Shadowfell, and holiday cheer with Krampus.


Our campaign is set in the "Misplaced Realms"—we start with the standard 5th Edition Forgotten Realms setting and timeline, but make it our own in our adventures.


Food, drink, schedule, logistics

Do you have vegetarian options?

Absolutely. The menu varies every month, but our veggie options are always hearty and filling.


What about my allergy or other food restriction?

Please shoot us an email at as early as possible before the event, and we’ll get you taken care of.

Is this event 21+? Will there be non-alcoholic drinks available?

Orcs! eagerly welcomes adventurers of all ages (though do be mindful that we're a tavern, so Orcs! may not be suitable for the youngest players). We have tasty non-alcoholic choices available at every event.


Can I sit with my friends?

We tend to assume that couples will sit together, but please send along any larger seating requests to us before the event at to have the best guarantee of getting your whole group at the table. Our Tavern Master will do his best to accommodate your request.

Can I hire Orcs! for my dinner party/corporate event/personal spirit quest?

Absolutely! We offer private D&D events and full dinners at reasonable prices. Our D&D games include original (and, with enough lead time, customizable) adventures, printed maps, magic item cards, props, minis and terrain. We’ll take these home with us, but your characters will be yours to keep! Contact us to arrange an event

Can you hold this event on a weekend, for chrissakes?

It’ll happen. Arranging a suitable venue can be trickier, and most of our team works in the food industry and often work weekends. But we hear ya.

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