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Welcome to the Orchives

(formerly Dungeons & Hangovers)

From the wildly creative and occasionally twisted minds of the Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! game masters come tales of adventure, horror, hilarity and derring-do.

Our adventures are fired in the crucible of real play at Orcs! Orcs! Orcs!, then are produced with professional art and premium design values. We think they're a great deal. Please buy, share and leave a review on DMs Guild or DriveThruRPG!

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O3: The Cult of the Maw

Character level: 1-3

Campy index: 2/5


​This adventure takes the heroes inside the strangest dungeon of all: the inside of a giant ancient worm whose inhabitants worship it as a god. The search for freedom will take the adventurers to new depths... and dark truths.

The Cult of the Maw is a 5e-compatible adventure for a party of 3-6 players of 1st-3rd level by veteran D&D creator Law Johnson (League of Ultimate QuestingDnD Memes). 

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The trendy Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! tavern franchise has made it to Waterdeep, and opening night is tomorrow! The band is hired and the barrels are tapped, but there's a problem: the franchise owners (ex-adventurers and rather negligent parents) let their kids get a sneak peak of Undermountain™, where paying customers are meant to get a taste of a real dungeon delve—and they haven't come back. Can our heroes bring back the kids (or what's left of them) in time for dinner service?

O2: Down the Hole!

Character level: 1-2

Campy index: 3/5


The adventure is framed as a classic dungeon crawl, and is designed to serve both as an introduction to D&D and the opening adventure in a campaign. First-time and long-time players alike will be challenged by the monsters, puzzles, and traps that await them… Down the Hole!

Adventure by Dave Mlodinoff with art by Hugh Newell

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"Great art and production values. ... A tight and short dungeon crawl [...] with plenty of atmosphere to make the adventure fun. ...
I definitely recommend picking up this adventure especially if you are a new group."


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O1: Where is Wizard Hut?

Character level: 5

Campy index: 5/5


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Jym Kolani is a powerful but rather irresponsible wizard who'd rather be lying on the beach with a fruity drink than dealing with his humorless apprentice, Stench Frewart. When Stench takes up residence in Jym's (literal) pocket plane, setting himself up as dictator, Jym cons a party of adventurers into entering the pocket themselves to serve Stench with a Writ of Evictation. The party must brave an ooze made of bubble gum, a family of chocolate-covered gummy bears, and yet more dreadful terrors as they seek the hut and prepare to face its smarmy inhabitant.

A 5th-edition adventure for mature players and open-minded characters of level 5-ish, with art by Hugh Newell.

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