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This was so much fun! I can't recommend it enough. The food was excellent. I very much enjoyed the vegan options for the meal and dessert. The drinks were creative and colorful. And the GMs and hosts were friendly, inviting, and enthusiastic. Everyone at our table had a blast, and the hours of playing D&D together flew by all too quickly. –James C.

This was so much fun, definitely one of the best dinners I've been to in a while. We were a large group of mostly first-time D&D players, so I was a little nervous we'd be in over our heads, but everyone was super accommodating and willing to share knowledge. I don't think we could have had more fun. –Stephanie S.


These dinner events get better and better each time. This makes it hard for me to review, because I started at five stars! The atmosphere, the effort put in by the dungeon masters, the fantastic food and the remarkable designer cocktails make this an experience not to miss! –Craig C.

I was looking forward to the meal, but it was beyond good: as if I had just crossed a vast forest, chased by 3 dark horsemen, and finally settled into a fine meal at the Prancing Pony. –Neo B.

Excellent. The food was good and the gaming was superb. The groups sizes were around 5 people per GM. You can show up with nothing and they will accommodate you. If you've played before, you can jump right in. Id recommend trying it if you're interested in D&D, looking for a fun group to play with, or want to convince someone to play. –James E.


As a tabletop gamer of 30-odd years, I can honestly say that this event is one of the high points of my gaming career. The meal was top-notch comfort food, and together with free-flowing cider, was a great complement to the tavern atmosphere. –Brian S.

Amazing experience! Seriously great food, great atmosphere, great interactions with other players, and fantastic staff! Every single person involved in this wonderful pop up is friendly and will make you feel at home due to their passion for what they do! I can't wait to go to all future events! –Anthony P.

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